The Surf

Respect surfing in the Faroe Islands

Surfing the North Atlantic is extraordinary and special, but can also be extremely dangerous and has many precautions. It is only encouraged and recommended with experienced surfers. Forecasts and circumstances can be unreliable, so local knowledge and experience is key. The aim is to sustain and maintain surfing as a positive and safe activity for anyone, so please show respect to this matter and the ocean.

High season for surfing is from september to april.


  • Beginners should only surf with local, experienced or professional assistance
  • Only go surfing with supervision of others
  • Surf according to your surfing ability
  • Do not take unnecessary risks
  • Note that no lifeguard is on duty
  • Currents can be strong and change rapidly
  • Dangerous swells and stoms occur frequently – especially in fall, winter and spring
  • Show respect to the surfer’s code and locals
  • Always aim to stay safe and contribute to the community by maintaining surfing as a positive activity and experience.
  • Leave only your footprints, and pick up any rubbish you may find.

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