About us – the pioneer surfers

Kali W. Hansen


Kali surfed for the first time in California (hence the name) and fell in love immediately. Along with Andras, they are the pioneer surfer in the Faroe Islands who has spent years mastering the unpredictable forecast and circumstances. Kalis partner, their 3 children and dog Pepsi come along to surf every now and then. If you don’t find Kali at the beach, you might find Kali building something as a carpenter or marketing FISG.

Andras Brixen Vágsheyg


Andras started surfing when studying in Australia. After 4 years abroad he move back home and got in touch with Kali and it was an instant fellowship. Since then Andras has been surfing his “own backyard” with empty line-ups and plenty of perfects swells. Andras has a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Master of Health Science and is currently coaching a Danish football team.

Tóri B. Christiansen


Tóri is a cold-water-surfer by heart, born in ’97. He originally took up surfing in the Faroe Islands and is the “next generation” of original surfers on the islands. He has been surfing like a maniac and is a natural talent. He joined the FISG crew in 2020 and when he is not surfing, he constructs buildings and is a carpenter too. In Sept’22 Tóri went to surf Australia for an unlimited period of time. We can’t wait to have him back!

Theo Fourrier


Theo is French and joined a tour with us in 2020 when he just started surfing. We got to introduce him to surfing in the Faroe Islands. He was a natural talent, got hooked and kept up the good work. Now he is our most popular surf guide, especially among the ladies and French speaking visitors. Oui oui, he currently lives in the Faroes and works as a carpenter as well.

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